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About Us

Working Pictures Artists is a multiple award winning creative film & video production company. Established in New York City in 1985 by Michael Maslow, a film producer and editor with 30+ years experience in production, Working Pictures Artists was originally founded to produce cutting edge commercials, broadcast programming, and music videos. Over the years, we have evolved into a provider of media solutions, including digitally based corporate image and sales/marketing tools for the Business-to-Business and consumer markets.

We produce high quality corporate image films, television commercials and documentaries. We also specialize in the production of internal business conferences, training videos, customer testimonials, seminars, music videos, lectures, executive broadcasts and exhibitions. Our team includes producers, directors, editors, film crew and designers.

We firmly believe that there is no reason for business communications to be boring. Unless a presentation engages and holds the audience's attention, and motivates them to respond positively to your message, it is not fulfilling its purpose as an effective sales/marketing tool.

Editing is performed in our Hi-Definition digital editing bay using Apple Final Cut Studio plus a variety of other music, graphics and efx software. We are experienced in all kinds of production, from small ENG & EFP (Electronic News Gathering & Electronic Field Production) crews, to multi-camera studio and live shoots. We also work as the lead producer in integrating multiple video sources from outside production companies.

Media production is our passion and that's why we take pride in every stage of your project. We take your vision and turn it into an accessible high quality product.

Working Pictures Artists works closely with our clients to ensure your message isn't lost in the creative process. We focus on maintaining your vision throughout the video production process, from concept to delivery. It is our policy, and our job, to guide you in the right direction without distorting or interfering with your vision; after all, you know your business better than anyone.